Dixon Teen Center

Dixon Teen Center
Dixon Teen Center
Jamie Myers

The Dixon Teen Center is currently open every Friday and Saturday night from 6-11p. The agenda is loose and unscheduled … simply a safe place for our teens to hang out with friends, listen to music, shoot some pool … all under the supervision of concerned adults, vested by the city of Dixon. However, as more volunteers step forward, we are planning to initiate the second phase of our vision.

At the beginning of the next school year, we plan to be open as an after-school program every day from 2-6pm Monday to Thursday. This time will be more productive … outside of the main play area with all the games, we have another room of the DTC that we are calling the library, a more quiet place with ten computers equipped with the internet and printers, as well as plenty of tables where kids can spread out their books and do their homework. We are talking to groups at UCD who want to come tutor various subjects.

During this second phase, there will still be fun and games on Friday and Saturdays, but the week days will be a lower key and geared toward development and mentorship. Many local businesses are coming up with ways they can step up and get involved by teaching mini life-skill seminars in their area of expertise. For instance, representatives from Dixon Florists want to come lead a class of teens through the process of making their own boutonniere or corsage before the prom. Representatives from the Bank of America have mentioned coming to teach HS and college level financial management.

We have a large kitchen, and are searching for local culinary experts to come teach kids how to prepare healthy after school snacks, or 20 ways to dress up Top Ramen for our seniors headed off to college!

We are also looking for business professions to teach job hunting skills, from writing resumes and cover letters to possibly even hold mock interviews with the teens. We plan to have periodic job fairs where local business can meet our local teen talent and start fostering relationships there. We also want to teach babysitting certification courses through the city of Dixon and be a place that can link local families, with just the right qualified teen for their babysitting needs.

As you can see, there is plenty to do and this isn’t even half of what we want to do … but … it will take many people, with many different skills to do the things we are envisioning to do. We need you … please get involved!

455 East A Street. Old Dixon High School
707 676-5106