Ramos Oil Company

Ramos Oil Company
Ramos Oil Company
Ray McCluskey

Ramos Oil Company was founded in 1951 as a Shell Oil Distributor by Bill Ramos. Our headquarters is located in West Sacramento, California (along the banks of the Sacramento River). The mural painting featured in the Website depicting our themes and long history of exceptional customer service is on the wall of our conference room.
Today, we distribute virtually every major petroleum brand available in California and Nevada — Shell, Chevron, Unocal, ARCO, Texaco, Mobil, Tosco, Valero, Beacon and B.P. Few petroleum jobbers offer such a wide range of fuel, chemicals, lubricants, equipment, etc.. Our management is continually working to improve our product line to better serve our customers and their needs.
Much has happened at Ramos Oil over the past 60+ years, today:


We deliver bulk and pre-packaged petroleum products to farms, construction sites, mines, governmental entities and other businesses as well as private individuals via our extensive truck fleet.
We offer our customers cardlock fueling at sixteen Ramos locations in California; as well as providing nationwide cardlock access to the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN).
Ramos Tank Line is a licensed PUC carrier available for bulk fuel transfer.
Ramos Environmental Services provides removal of used oil and other hazardous wastes, contaminated soil and ground water removal and 24-hour emergency response services. Construction, remediation and environmental consultation services are also available.

1900 N. First St.
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