Ramtown Karate, Inc.

Ramtown Karate, Inc.
Ramtown Karate, Inc.
Kathy Ernest

Why does Ramtown Karate, in a small town like Dixon, keep coming out on top?

We are established
All of our trainers are family, or close like family
Each student is important; we don’t write off people and move on to others like a big city training facility can do
Students and instructors try harder
Our instructors are a product of our programs. They know where they are going and what they are doing
We beat the odds over and over with our national and world class competitors
We specialize in teaching the original Okinawan Karate, including full contact karate where attacks and defense must work, not just in theory
Our full contact fighting team is known in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.
We compete in the highest level traditional sport karate competitions such as USA Karate and AAU
We incorporate world class full-contact striking methods with the speed and timing of sport kumite, and superior kick boxing skills to develop top stand up fight competitors
Our ground work is strong, derived from years of instructor experience, all while constantly evolving to keep pace with the latest cutting-edge research and methods
Our top athletes and instructors constantly test their skills, while our trainers study, plan and improve
Our kids programs consistently turn out great competitors, confident young adults, and top students. Many become adults who look back years later to Ramtown Karate for the strong foundation we helped them to achieve

So whether you’re looking for knowledge, skill, strength, endurance, or just a great sweat and tons of fun: no matter who your are now, we hope you find yourself here!

1680 North Lincoln St.
(707) 678-4899
(707) 678-4318