Robben’s Department Store

Robben’s Department Store
Robert Robben

Robben’s Department Store is the real deal: it is a time warp to a department store of the 1950’s. The building ceiling drops from front to back, about 15’ where you enter to barely 7’ in the back of the store, creating an odd cave-like effect. You are likely to be greeted and served by Robby Robben when you enter. The store was originally owned and operated by his mother, Mildred Robben, until her retirement in 2000.

It is packed – stacked to the ceiling, merchandise hanging from walls, slumping display shelves with heaps of shirts, hats, pants. There are odd country-esque wall hangings (“The worst day fishin’ is better than the best day workin’”), kids’ toys, belt buckles, all scattered somewhat randomly around the shop. Some of the merchandise looks as though it has been there since the 1950’s.

The main inventory is western clothing and work clothes. Robben’s carries a full line of genuine Stetson hats, as well as other cowboy hats and boots; Ben Davis work clothes in all sizes; shoes and work boots made in America; Levi trousers and Arrow dress shirts. They will special-order sizes not in stock. Robben’s rents tuxedos. Cub and Boy scout supplies are available.

111 N. First Street
(707) 678-5763