TNT Fireworks

TNT Fireworks
TNT Fireworks
Sally Doerr

Three Types of Stores to Serve You

TNT® Supercenters
YEAR-ROUND – We operate 24 Superstore locations nationwide, including our new store in East Ridge, TN. Each Superstore carries the hottest fireworks available!

TNT® Stands & Tents
SEASONAL – During the New Years Day and July 4 holiday seasons, our TNT ® Stands and Tents come to life all across the nation. During the months of December and June, watch this page for updates on locations near you!

Chain Store Partners
SEASONAL – Tens of thousands of brand-name chain stores across the country proudly carry the number one selling fireworks brand in the country, TNT® Fireworks! ( Chain Stores typically feature limited product assortments )

8151 Power Ridge Road
(800)905 8594
(916) 386 -0745