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Tully Consulting Group
Tully Consulting Group
Robin Tully

Tully Consulting Group was established in 2005 and provides civil engineering and stormwater management services to a wide range of public and private clients. Tully Consulting Group brings forth a wealth of experience from senior management with an extensive background in sustainable site design and water, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure. Our firm specializes in stormwater inspection, modeling and permitting.

The firm has been under contract on several commercial and public projects, giving team members direct knowledge of the site improvements needed for a variety of developments. Public work experience includes civil engineering performed for the California Prison Industry Authority, El Dorado Irrigation District, Federal Department of Veterans Affairs and Caltrans. Commercial work experience includes civil engineering on projects such as mixed-use Commercial and Office complexes, daycare facilities, churches, light industrial facilities and warehouse sites.

Tully Consulting Group’s civil engineering role in projects has ranged from preliminary planning through to design, bidding and construction. Team members have provided construction and project management services for several projects, which gives our firm insight into how to reduce site work related construction change orders through effective communication, thorough field reviews, design quality control and pro-active management.

Tully Consulting Group specializes in stormwater management and sustainable site design measures such as with the use of porous pavements, infiltration and bio-retention facilities, low impact development techniques, vegetated swales and above ground or below ground detention. The company focuses on bringing forth innovative solutions to ensure a balance amongst budget, ease of construction, quality and functionality.

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