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Kim Schroeder-Evans, Spanish Professor & Owner

How It Began
I have had a passion for Spanish ever since I was a young child.  When I was 6 years old, I asked my mom if I could learn Spanish.  She spoke with my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Sadye Reddick, who the next day announced to our class that she would be teaching us Spanish for one hour every Thursday.  I jumped out of my chair and yelled, “Yeah!” in my loudest voice only to be met with disapproval from my classmates.  Mrs. Reddick tried to teach Spanish for 3 weeks but decided to stop since I was the only student interested.  She proceeded to tell me that I would have to wait until High School to learn Spanish, which seemed such a long time to wait for a 6 year old.

I studied some Spanish in High School and University, however my dream to learn Spanish became a reality when I visited Madrid, Spain in 1999.   I fell in love with Spain!  I had to return, and I made several trips totaling 1.5 years during 1999-2003.  During that time, I completed a Master of Arts in Spanish at CSU Sacramento, with a year abroad at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.  I graduated magna cum laude, with practically all straight A´s.  I had finally found the key to my success was not studying all the heavy grammar, but listening and speaking the language first.

Since 2005,  I have taught Spanish at various community colleges in Solano, Sacramento, and Placer Counties, and also as a lecturer at U.C. Davis.  In addition,  I have taught Medical Spanish courses in Davis and Dixon,  taught Spanish to children at the Dixon Montessori school, taught adults at Dixon City Hall and offered private tutoring.

I am currently teaching at American River College, and I also teach mornings at the Valley of the Sacred Heart Co-op at St. Peter´s Catholic Church in Dixon where I teach children and youth ages 5-18 that are home-schooled.  I offer tutoring and teach privates groups.

I believe my own determination and passion to learn Spanish are what have helped me to be the instructor that I am today.  The methodologies I use closely match the way we learned our very first language in a very natural and intuitive way.

I enjoy sharing my passion for the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures by engaging my students in songs, games, communicative activities, pictures, art and TPR stories by Blaine Ray and Sombrero Time activities.  I use a variety of methodologies to foster language acquisition and to meet all learning styles.  I am always positive and encouraging every step of the way!  My students have enjoyed great success!

Spanish and languages are my heart and soul!  I look forward to working with both adults and children to join our communities together one phrase at a time.

1150 North First Street
July 2015