Dixon Historical Society

Dixon Historical Society
Dixon Historical Society
Mary Christensen, Treasurer

Dixon Historical Society aims to provide the local community, and greater communities, resources and information on the past regarding the area which now is formally referred to as the city of Dixon. By extension we do collect information on other nearby communities and the events which tie them to our own town; so we may have information about the surrounding towns that is not available elsewhere.

As part of our goal to help make available historical information on the city of Dixon, we have launched this website as a database to collect photographs, newspaper articles and anything of possible relevance to our goals stated above.

If you have anything you would like to see contributed to this public database, please visit our contact us page for more information on which members of the Dixon Historical Society might be able to help with formatting, scanning and digitizing old records.

Dixon History Museum Project
Currently we are holding various fundraisers to raise money for a physical Dixon History Museum in the City of Dixon. We are working with officials and through proper channels to secure a location but will need more funding to make it happen. Please keep an eye out for our booth or volunteer efforts at various events around town, where we would be more then welcome to accepting any donations towards this project.

Dixon Historical Society Current Board Members

Bill Schroeder, President
Loran Hoffmann, Vice President
Binky Eason, 2nd Vice President
Mary Christensen, Treasurer
Shirley Parsons, Secretary
Diane Schroeder, Historian
Alan Schmeiser, Chair of Museum Planning
Mary Savage, Chair of Museum Fundraising
Amy Erwin, Chair of Website and Technology

PO Box 814
August 2016