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Kelly Spadorcio, Advertising Manager

Who we are
TheReporter.Com is the electronic edition of The Reporter, a daily newspaper in Vacaville CA, serving northern Solano County. Vacaville is located astride Interstate 80, on the western edge of the Sacramento Valley. We are approximately 35 miles from Sacramento and 55 miles from San Francisco.
Upload schedule
The web site is updated daily before 8 a.m. We frequently manage the update earlier than that, but that’s our target time.
Local content
Our content focus is on local news, sports, features and editorials. We do publish news from our regional news partners in Vallejo and Woodland when it is of local interest. We also provide links to the Associated Press’ ‘The Wire’ web site for national and international news coverage.
14 days ‘live’
Most web site content is available free of charge for 14 days from date of publication. After that time the material is still available through our News Archive at Newsbank.Com for a small charge. These older articles can be found through the Advanced Search on the site, and a brief excerpt is readable before purchase.

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August 2017