to promote, develop and protect the economic vitality of the community

National Federation of Independent Business

National Federation of Independent Business

NFIB is 350,000 small and independent business owners united by one clear mission: to promote and protect your right to own, operate and grow your business.
Who is NFIB?

60% of our small and independent business owner members have 5 or fewer employees.
55% of NFIB’s members report gross sales of $350,000 or less.
Founded in 1943, and headquartered in Washington, DC
350,000 strong, nonpartisan, nonprofit association.
NFIB’s members determine NFIB’s policies. Each NFIB member gets ONE vote. No exceptions.

How does NFIB protect my right to own a business?

NFIB’s members support teams in Washington, D.C. and in all 50 states that fight to give every type of small and independent business a voice in government policy-making.
NFIB conducts research, such as our monthly Small Business Economic Trends, that Federal Reserve officials, Congress, state legislatures and presidential administration officials rely on as one of the more valuable barometers of the American economy.

How does NFIB help me operate a business?

NFIB’s members join together for combined buying power and the volume savings that come with it to compete with big business.
These cost-effective products and services include commercial and health insurance, office equipment, maintenance and repair supplies, credit card processing, shipping, computer bundles, uniforms and more.

How does NFIB help me grow a business?

NFIB’s members rely on daily how-to articles from a comprehensive online library for entrepreneurs.
Whether you’re just starting a business, looking to expand or exploring how to pass on or sell your business, members choose from tips, videos, infographics and other tools.

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