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I have had a passion for Spanish ever since I was a young child.  When I was 6 years old, I asked my mom if I could learn Spanish.  She spoke with my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Sadye Reddick, who the next day announced to our class that she would be teaching us Spanish for one hour every Thursday.  I jumped out of my chair and yelled, “Yeah!” in my loudest voice only to be met with disapproval from my classmates.  Mrs. Reddick tried to teach Spanish for 3 weeks but decided to stop since I was the only student interested.  She proceeded to tell me that I could take Spanish once I got to High School; this  seemed such a long time to wait for a 6 year old.

I studied some Spanish in High School and University, however my dream to learn Spanish became a reality when I visited Madrid, Spain in 1999.   I fell in love with Spain!  I had to return, and I made several trips totaling 1.5 years during 1999-2003.  During that time, I completed a Master of Arts in Spanish at CSU Sacramento, with a year abroad at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.  I graduated magna cum laude, with practically all straight A´s.  I had finally found the key to my success was listening and speaking the language first, and then studying the grammar.

Since 2005,  I have taught Spanish at various community colleges in Solano, Sacramento, and Placer Counties, and also as a lecturer at U.C. Davis.  In addition,  I have taught Medical Spanish courses in Davis and Dixon,  taught Spanish to children at the Dixon Montessori School, taught adults at Dixon City Hall, taught Citizenship Courses and taught children at the Valley of the Sacred Heart Academy Home-School Program in Dixon.

I am currently teaching at American River College, and I offer tutoring and teach privates groups.

I believe my own determination and passion to learn Spanish are what have helped me to be the instructor that I am today.  The methodologies I use closely match the way we learned our very first language in a very natural and intuitive way.  I also have the ability to explain many of the difficult grammar questions that my students ask me in class.

I enjoy sharing my passion for the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures by engaging my students through stories, dialogues, songs, games, music, interactive mural activities, and real world scenarios.  The variety of methodologies are used to foster language acquisition and to meet all learning styles.  I am always positive and encouraging every step of the way!  My students have enjoyed great success in learning a new language!

Languages are my heart and soul! Come see for yourself how great Dixon Language Center can be for both children and adults!!

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1150 N. Fist St
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