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DDBA Mission Statement

The mission of the DDBA is to enhance the business environment and promote the revitalization of downtown as the cultural center of the community. This will be done by establishing a participatory, active and ongoing organization that assist existing downtown businesses through cooperation, organization, education, training and encourages new and complimentary business development in the downtown area. Work to preserve and enhance the historical nature of the downtown and promote and encourages patronage of downtown businesses and special events.

“The Downtown Dixon Business Association is a non-profit organization that serves to enhance and promote business on Historic Main Street through special events and activities that attract visitors to the historic downtown business district.”

The Downtown Dixon Business Association is a non-profit organization and proceeds from fundraising events go towards the promotion of numerous community events and activities that include the Spring Gala, Wine & Art Stroll, October Beer Fest, Trick or Treat on Main Street, Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, Downtown Dash, and many other events and holiday activities on Historic Main Street throughout the year.


For decades Downtown Dixon served as a commercial center for the community of Dixon and the surrounding agricultural areas. Shortly after the turn of the century, a number of substantial buildings were raised that housed primarily financial services, retail businesses, restaurants, entertainment and other fraternal uses such as the Masons. The railroad being located adjacent to the downtown provided transportation to larger markets in the east and west. Downtown thrived.

As Dixon grew up, so did many of the surrounding areas. Competition from other communities, malls and regional strip centers hurt the viability of Downtown Dixon. As with many downtown areas across the country, Dixon hit hard times. The decline of Downtown Dixon has not gone unnoticed. In 1995, the City of Dixon commissioned a study by the RMM Group with the outcome resulting in a Downtown Revitalization Plan. In this plan RMM states, “The potential for revitalization is apparent. The Downtown’s compact size, historical character and public facilities such as the library and Women’s Improvement Park suggest a place that people could enjoy visiting and walking in. Furthermore, the Downtown has many interesting and potentially attractive places behind the old brick buildings and in the old fashioned alleys, affording glimpses back to Dixon’s heritage.” The study goes on to outline ideas and projects that could be completed and would have a positive impact on the Downtown area.

In February of 2002, the City of Dixon entered into a contract with Burnes Consulting to provide training and technical assistance to the Downtown Dixon Business Association (DDBA). The primary purpose of this contract was to teach the Downtown Dixon Business Association how to implement the Main Street approach to revitalization in Dixon. Cities across California have found it to be a benefit to have a strong private partner advocating and in essence leading the charge for downtown revitalization. The DDBA demonstrated a desire to move beyond an organization that was largely social in nature, to an organization that partners with the city to help affect change in the downtown. Specifically, the contract with Burnes Consulting provided the following:

  1. Site Assessment. A site assessment of the project area.
  2. Resource Inventory. An inventory of those organizations and agencies that could help the DDBA with project implementation. Partners that were identified as resources have been identified with each project recommendation that is contained in this report.
  3. With the input of the DDBA craft a “vision” for the future of Dixon’s Downtown.
  4. Provide training to the DDBA Board of Directors concerning the Main Street approach, roles and responsibilities and basic operational procedures.
  5. A Board of Directors handbook and management plan that can be used as a guide for operating the Main Street program in Dixon.
  6. Completion of a strategic plan that will outline projects for each committee and the Board.
  7. Committee training for each standing committee.
  8. Review of ordinances and guidelines and make recommendations for improvement.
  9. Conduct an overview of the Dixon market.10. Provide tow business training workshops for businesses in Dixon.

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