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 Dr. carla demaray

Dr. Carla Demaray

Doctor Carla Demaray is the foremost Doctor of Chiropractic in Northern California. Dr. D, as she’s known affectionately by many of her patients, has been practicing for more than 25 years. However, her love of chiropractic started much earlier. In a chance visit to Dr. Art Wingard with her mother, the then nursing student had her first fateful encounter with chiropractic care. Being a distant relative, she refers affectionately to Dr. Wingard as Uncle Art. Seeing how far along in her first pregnancy she was, Uncle Art asked her about how her back felt. An examination and an “adjustment” later, she was hooked. “It felt wonderful! When I got off the table, I felt like I was floating two feet off the ground”, She fondly remembers.

Unfortunately Uncle Art passed away soon after, but the effect he left was profound. Dr. Demaray changed her major to Chiropractic due to the adjustment that she received. Soon after the birth of her daughter, Britainy, she was back, diligently working through night-school to get into Chiropractic College. Her hard work, diligence, and amazement of the human body won her acceptance into Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, a prestigious and long established college, having opened in 1911. She was honored to attend, not only because of the prestige of the school, but also because Uncle Art had graduated from there as well. Her dedication continued; in 1988 she graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic with a degree of “Doctor of Chiropractic Cum Laude (with praise)”

Currently Dr. Demaray is wife to her husband of more than 35 years, mother to three children, and grandmother to one grandson. She is active in her local community as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Soroptimist, and many other philanthropic organizations. Knowing the benefits of chiropractic, she regularly sees her own chiropractor who is also a patient of hers, to help keep each other in optimum health. She has also been diagnosed with diabetes and has been working with Nutrition Response Testing, diet, and exercise to help keep her blood sugar at normal level. Due to this, she has a greater ability to relate to her patients who may face challenges in their health journey.

Our Philosophy

The body is truly an amazing instrument. Over thousands of years, our bodies have evolved into something that is truly spectacular. Through this evolution, only the strongest survived—our bodies being a result of that heritage. This means that over the course of our lives, when our bodies are presented with challenges they become stronger.

Chiropractic supports the body’s highly evolved systems by removing nerve interference. The body is always trying to maintain an equilibrium, or in other words, homeostasis. It does this by continuously monitoring the current environment to either adapt to or challenge the situations that it may come up against. However, if there is nerve interference the body cannot effectively monitor the situation.

There are two different types of nerve interference: hyper and hypo-nerve interference. Hyper-nerve interference is when there is too much information for the brain to process and the important information is lost. The second type of nerve interference is Hypo-nerve interference, or when the nerves are receiving little to no information, so, of course, the brain isn’t able to process it. An example of this is when Dr. Demaray’s daughter was younger, she suffered from asthma. She was forced to use inhalers and take lots of medication to help combat attacks. However, after Dr. Demaray began adjusting her daughter when she would have an attack, the attack would be over within five minutes—much better results than any of the medication was providing, and none of the adverse side effects.

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