Salaber & Associates, Inc.

Principles before profits

Attitude and Integrity are the most important qualities of our character

Respect all those in our dealings

We are a Team and we will work together to make things happen

Aspire to be the best by committing to quality and excellence, and by doing everything within reason to obtain that goal

Success is measured by, personal fulfillment, happiness, and the quality of our relationships

Believe in Progress by always moving forward with vision, passion, and innovation, all in an effort to make this world a better place

Keep Balance in our lives by remembering that it is only a job

Learn from our mistakes and believe in the Wisdom of the saying: in life there are no failures, only lessons

The firm’s most valuable asset is Our Associates: never take for granted their value, nor underestimate their potential


Mission Statement


The SAI mission is to lead the industry in quality, service and reputation.  This will be built on the success of each individual project and the satisfaction of each client. We believe that the success of a project is not merely based on the final product, but the quality of the relationships that we formed through the process.  In order to attain these lofty goals we will maintain the highest principles and work to the highest standards, and we will not be satisfied with second best. 


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